Remy Ma And Rah Ali – Still Friends?

Are Remy Ma and Rah Ali still friends? It doesn’t look like it.  Rah appeared in Nicki Minaj’s video for her Remy Ma diss track, “No Frauds.” Scroll to the end of this article to watch the full video.  The visual reminds us that Young Money continues to dominate the music industry.  It was released a few hours ago and already has over 1 million views.


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Drake laughs at Remy Ma in the video

Drake makes an appearance in the “No Frauds” video.  He’s seen laughing at Remy Ma while Nicki disses her for releasing “Another One.” Remy compared “Another One” to Drizzy’s unforgettable diss song, “Back to Back.” Nicki assembled her whole crew to diss Remy.  It would be impossible for Remy and Rah Ali to still be friends.

Remy Ma And Rah Ali Still Friends?
Remy Ma And Rah Ali Still Friends?

Shoutout to my “good good sis @rah_ali”

The Instagram post below shows Nicki Minaj with Rah Ali.  Nicki gives Rah a shoutout for launching her new company, The Stiletto Group.  According the the company’s Instagram page, they’re a group of shoe consultants who sell sought after footwear for a variety of appearances.  Candi World is also in the pic and she’s in the “No Frauds” video.


Remy has to feel betrayed at this point.  She came strong with “shETHER” but Nicki just needed some time to respond.


Now that Nicki has officially responded do you think Remy will respond? Like Remy, Rah represents the Bronx, New York.  She owns multiple high-end shoe stores and many refer to her as the Stiletto Expert.
Remy Ma And Rah Ali Still Friends?
Remy Ma And Rah Ali Still Friends?

What do you think about Remy Ma and Rah Ali’s friendship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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