Keonna Green Basketball Wives LA

Keonna Green is a new member of the “Basketball Wives LA”. The new member is 31-years-old and is famous for being the baby mother of Nick Young. She and Nick were high school sweethearts that eventually broke up, got back together and had their first child. Nick Young and Keonna Green then broke up once more and the basketball player moved on to Iggy Azalea. Young and Azalea eventually went on to get engaged but broke up when rumors started swirling that Iggy caught him on camera bringing other women in the house. It was revealed later on that Keonna was one of the women because she announced that she was pregnant with her an Nick’s child.

According to an interview with VH1 she’s ready to move on from Nick unless he wants to give the relationship another try. She’s also friends with the very messy Metoyer sisters that includes Aja, who is Dwyane Wade’s “break baby” mother. Wade and Aja got together in 2013 when he has a break in his relationship with Gabrielle Union.
Keonna Green hasn’t been married to a basketball player but she says that she’s been in the game long enough and feels that she’s earned her spot. Her Instagram is @Keonnanecole. Look at this photo of the beautiful new baby that she shares with Nick Young!

A post shared by Keonna Green (@keonnanecole) on Apr 4, 2017 at 11:33am PDT


What kind of drama do you think she will bring this season? It should be juicy because she’s friends with the Metoyer sisters.

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