Carmelo Anthony – New Baby Mama, Cheating Rumors, Wife

Carmelo Anthony’s new baby mama ruined his marriage.  Multiple media outlets are reporting cheating rumors.  All Melo’s tea is being spilled ☕️   He allegedly cheated on his wife, La La Anthony and got a stripper pregnant.  Keep reading for everything you need to know about the NBA player’s broken marriage.


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Rumors suggest Carmelo already has a secret baby

Throughout his NBA career, Carmelo Anthony has done a great job keeping details about his personal life private.  You can’t hide the truth forever.  Some say this would be Melo’s third child.  He allegedly has a daughter that lives in New York City.  That’s the reason he wants to stay in New York and that’s why his agent negotiated his no trade clause.

Carmelo Anthony New Baby Mama Cheating Rumors Wife
Carmelo Anthony New Baby Mama Cheating Rumors Wife

Carmelo and La La spent the weekend together at Kiyan’s basketball game

The Anthonys are no longer living together but they’re still married and they have a son named Kiyan.  La La is upset but she still spent time with Melo this weekend.  They were spotted together watching Kiyan’s basketball game.  It looks like Melo will have to pull off a Dwyane Wade.  He somehow convinced Gabrielle Union to marry him after he had a baby with a side chick.


What do you think about the rumor that Carmelo Anthony has a new baby mama? He hasn’t denied the cheating rumors.  Should his wife file for divorce? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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