Stevie Stephens – Facebook Live Shooting

Stevie Stephens is the Cleveland man who killed a person on Facebook Live.  He is on the run and warns that he’ll keep killing people until he’s caught.  The video showed Stephens shoot an older man to death.  Multiple media outlets have reported that Stephens chose to go on a killing spree after breaking up with his girlfriend.  He is bald with a full beard and weighs about 244 pounds.


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He is armed and dangerous

If you see Stephens, contact police immediately.  He is armed and dangerous.  He was last seen wearing a blue or black and grey striped polo shirt.  It’s Easter but I would advise the residents of Cleveland to stay home.  Sadly, this isn’t the first person we’ve witnessed lose their life on Facebook Live.

Stevie Stephens Facebook Live Shooting
Stevie Stephens Facebook Live Shooting

He is driving a white or cream-colored SUV

Police are searching for Stephens but haven’t had any luck finding him.  He has killed one person and claims to have killed others.  The risk is that he has announced that he will continue killing people until he’s captured.  Stephens is ruining Easter and I hope the police catch him ASAP! Although the additional murders have not been confirmed, I don’t think he’s lying. 
Stevie Stephens Facebook Live Shooting
Stevie Stephens Facebook Live Shooting

Stephens claims that he killed 15 people because of Joy Lane

Stevie Stephens decided to go on this killing rampage because he broke up with his girlfriend, Joy Lane.  The Instagram post above shows a Facebook message from Stephens.  In the message he explains that most of the bodies are behind abandoned houses in the 105 freeway area.  #PrayForCleveland


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