Snapchat CEO Comments on India – Evan Spiegel

Snapchat CEO Comments on India – Evan Spiegel

Have you heard about
the Snapchat #Boycott going on around the Internet? It is mainly from Indians
because of a comment that was made on social media by the CEO of Snapchat,  Evan Spiegel.
According to reports, Spiegel stated that
Snapchat was for rich people and poor people should not be downloading it or
using it at all. Because of this rather rude comment from the CEO of the social
media app, there is now not only a Snapchat boycott going around online by
Indians but there is also a lawsuit happening against Spiegel, the CEO of the social media app.

Although Spiegel was supposed to have made this rude and
nasty comment, Snapchat made a statement saying that the social media app is a
free app download for anyone to use and enjoy. Also, the one who filed the
lawsuit against the company is an ex-employee of Snapchat.

Also, reports state,
the ex-employee of the Snapchat, who is suing the company, says he found
evidence that the advertisers who support the social media app are being misled
by the metrics and numbers of daily active users. Although Pompliano, who is suing
Snapchat for the rude and mean comments made by the CEO, went to the higher-ups
with his evidence but was quickly
dismissed by them.

What do you think about
this? Sound off with your opinions on this and let us know what you think!

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