Rick Riss New Girlfriend 2017 — Liz Hagelthorn

Rick Ross been a lover boy before and after his weight loss. He has moved on from his ex-fiance Lira Galore and been linked to a few girls since including India Love. It seems like the boss got him a new ting for the time being and she’s different than the types we’re used to seeing him with. Meet Liz!

She has a good job so it doesn’t seem like she’s with him for money. She’s an executive assistant at Twitter and reportedly met Rick Ross on the job three months ago when she interviewed him. They’ve been inseparable ever since. She posts photos with the rapper, goes to his Wing Stop openings, drives his cars, and even has pictures of Rick Ross and his kids all over her Instagram which is @liznotlis.

Rick Ross was spotted commenting on a few of her photos and only recently uploaded a video of the day that they met accompanied with the hashtag that read #mine. Rozay is apparently in love again! This comes after the rapper got called out for giving attention to his daughter but not picking up his son who hasn’t seen him in a while according to his baby’s mother who commented on an Instagram photo of the two. Maybe Liz will convince him to go pick up his son in that Rolls Royce they’ve been whippin.

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Author: empirebbk

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