Kendall Jenner – Butt Implants

Rumors are swirling the
Internet and all over the country about Kendall Jenner getting butt implants.
Did the
Keeping up with the Kardashian’s star
get plastic surgery to improve her bottom? It looks like it, doesn’t
it since she is showing off her behind in just
thong underwear with a short (almost nothing there) skirt and a short top? What
do you think about this? 

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Reports state that
Jenner is set to make an appearance at not one, but two Coachella parties.
However, reporters have been told not to bring up the Pepsi commercial fiasco!
So, shhh, about that! 

Kendall Jenner Butt Implants
Kendall Jenner Butt Implants

The parties she will be
attending include one she will be co-hosting with her ever popular sister, for
the dating app, Bumble. She will also make her big butt appearance at an event
she will be working as a DJ at. 

Although her sisters are known for their curvy bodies,
Kendall is not known for having one so curvy. So, did she have plastic surgery
and get butt implants? 

What do you think about this? Sound off with your
thoughts and opinions on her new butt and let us know what you think! It sure
looks like something has changed on her and if it isn’t her bigger butt; I don’t
know what it is!


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