Who Is New Kung Fu Kenny? – Kendrick Lamar

Who is “Kung Fu Kenny” and why does Kendrick Lamar keep saying “New Kung Fu Kenny” on his new album, DAMN.? It’s Kendrick himself.  Scroll to the tweet below and you’ll see one of the first time he used the name.  Kendrick loves the Wu Tang Clan and similar to the group, Kendrick is inspired by martial arts, as proven by the nickname.


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Kendrick Lamar vs Drake and Big Sean

Many believe that Kung Fu Kenny took shots at Drake and Big Sean in “The Heart Part 4.” Do you agree? DAMN. won’t do the numbers that Drake’s More Life has put up but fans think he’s a better rapper than Drizzy.  Then there’s Big Sean.  The Detroit rapper is passionate about being one of the best rappers alive.

Who Is New Kung Fun Kenny? Kendrick Lamar
Who Is New Kung Fun Kenny? Kendrick Lamar

While Big Sean and Drake beg for attention, Kendrick’s music speaks for itself.  Quality over quantity is Kendrick’s approach.  He may not have as much content as Drake but he has just as many quality tracks as the Toronto rapper.


Big Sean’s arms are simply too short to box.  He has work to do before he can compare himself to Kendrick.  Check out Kendrick’s new album, DAMN.:


What do you think about Kung Fu Kenny’s new album DAMN.? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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