Lupe Samano Now, Dead? – My 600-lb Life

Lupe Samano first appeared on My 600-lb Life in 2016.  She’s not dead and now she’s out of bed.  Lupe spent over a decade in bed.  Her husband, Gilbert was her caretaker.  She had gastric bypass surgery and has lost over 400 pounds.  The new episode starts with Lupe discussing her hip pain.  She hopes that Dr. Now will be able to fix her hip pain.


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She can’t walk because of her hip pain

Lupe wants skin removal surgery but Dr. Now is disappointed because she hasn’t made any progress.  She was in a coma a few years back and unable to move for an extended period of time.  This caused her hip bone to start to fuse to her upper femur.  Dr. Now admits that this makes it difficult for her to move but it’s not impossible.

Lupe Samano Now Dead My 600 lb Life
Lupe Samano Now Dead My 600 lb Life

Gilbert cheats on Lupe

When we first met Gilbert and Lupe they were experiencing relationship problems.  Gilbert complained about their lack of intimacy because of Lupe’s weight.  When Lupe began losing weight, Gilbert was very happy but then Lupe’s hip problems worsened and he began flirting with other women online.  He wanted her bad, days after her skin removal surgery.  She gave him what he wanted and she ended up back in the hospital.
What did you think about Lupe’s episode of My 600-lb Life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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