Why Was Tyga Arrested?

Should we really even call this an arrest? Tyga was out and about last night doing whatever a Tyga does (except paying King’s babysitter Jenny I know you saw that #PayJenny hashtag trending about a week ago) and he was stopped by police. The story is Tyga bought a Mercedes G Wagon and decided to take it out for a night on the town. When the rapper was leaving Avenue Nightclub he was stopped because he ran a stop sign in addition to having no plates on the new car.

Since he ran the stop sign and he was leaving a night club, officers thought Tyga may have been under the influence, although when asked by paparazzi what he was being arrested for Kylie’s ex responded “Because I have paper plates, I just bought it.” LAPD took him down to the station where he was released after 90 minutes and merely ticketed for no drivers license or insurance and found to be not under the influence. Who needs a drivers license when you’re Kylie’s boyfriend, I mean Tyga.

He has to drop his Jenner hook-ups now because the couple has reportedly split up for like the sixth time in two years. And people give Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian a hard time for making up and breaking up, at least they actually had plans to get married and a whole baby to try to stay together for. It may be just a rumor  to promote her new show or “docu-series” coming to E! called “Life of Kylie,” but who knows.

What do you think Tyga should do to revive his once existent music career and separate himself from Kylie’s limelight?

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Author: empirebbk

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