Kennedy On Empire – Hazel Renee

Kennedy Marshall on Empire is played by Hazel Renee.  Earlier this year, Kandi Burruss introduced her to the Real Housewives of Atlanta group.  Hazel is a recording artist who appeared on MTV’s reality competition series, Making The Band 3.  In episode 13 of Empire‘s third season, “My Naked Villainy” Kennedy inspires Hakeem’s song, “Special.”


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Kennedy sues Empire for $50 million

In episode 12 of season 3, “Strange Bedfellows” there’s a huge fight at club Leviticus.  Hakeem has a new crew of goons and one of them hits Kennedy in her face.  Kennedy hires a lawyer and she’s seeking $50 million.  Her lawyer explains that the incident occurred at an event sponsored by Empire’s streaming service, Empire Xstream.

Kennedy On Empire Hazel Renee
Kennedy On Empire Hazel Renee

Thirsty makes Kennedy breakdown

Lucious’ lawyer, Thirsty Rawlings, doesn’t play when it comes to protecting Empire Entertainment.  Kennedy and her lawyer meet with Thirsty and Hakeem for a deposition.  Thirsty asks Kennedy how many alcoholic beverages she drank by the time she arrived to Leviticus.  Kennedy says two and then changes her answer to three.  Hakeem proclaims that she didn’t pay for the drinks, she got them for free.

Hakeem’s attitude towards Kennedy changes after he sees Thirsty make her breakdown.  The incident inspired the rapper to record a new track.  Check out Hakeem’s song, “Special”:

What did you think about the “My Naked Villainy” episode of Empire? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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