What Happened To MGK’s Face?

What happened to Machine Gun Kelly’s face? MGK recently posted an Instagram pic that shows a scar on his face.  Last year, the rapper got stitches on his face after an accident in Germany.  Not a car accident, the rapper was running on the hood of parked cars before falling and hurting his face and elbow.


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MGK has also been punched in the face by a fan.  In the video below, the rapper discusses getting punched in the face during the Warped Tour.  The interview is from over 4 years ago so that doesn’t explain his most recent scar.

What Happened To MGK's Face?
What Happened To MGK’s Face?

Machine Gun Kelly talks about getting punched in the face in the following video.  His most recent scar is most likely the result of a similar incident.  MGK was probably doing something random like jumping on cars or he could have jumped into the crowd during a performance.  Fans love beating the rapper up and he doesn’t seem to mind:

The rapper’s fans are also wondering what happened to his face.


MGK will most likely post a video explaining what happened.  


It’s great to see fans concerned about his well-being.


What do you think about MGK’s most recent face wound.  How do you think he got it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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