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On tonight’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” we get a special visit from Stevie J’s son, Dorian “Snack” Jordan. Stevie and his son have a very complicated relationship that has been in the media for almost a year now.

Dorian Jordan posted a freestyle song last year on social media where he vents about Stevie J being an absent father and how he’s there for his other kids, but not him. That sent Stevie and Dorian on an all out war airing out each other’s dirty laundry. Stevie paid a visit to “The Breakfast Club” and talked about how his son is just mad that he won’t hand things to him and even calls Dorian out for stealing some equipment from him. Dorian even posted a photo of himself saying that his mother was a pastor and his father is a coke head. Yikes.

The two finally hashed it out over a game of pool and came to an understanding. In the conversation that was held, Stevie J and Dorian talked about what happened and agreed that they shouldn’t say bad things about each other in public because that’s exactly what “the clowns” want. Stevie and Dorian Jordan share a bond over Dorian’s 2-year-old sweet son Zion and agrees that they don’t want Stevie to miss any more of his life because he’s growing up quickly. Take a look at Stevie’s handsome son and adorable grandson. Stevie and Dorian look just alike don’t they? His Instagram is @dorian_j1

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