Nicole – My 600-lb Life

Nicole from My 600 lb Life had a very difficult childhood.  Her parents were addicted to cocaine, leading her to overeat.  Now she’s addicted to food and weighs over 700 pounds.  Nicole’s mother would explode on her when she was younger so she would run to her father.  Her dad would always give her food.


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Her boyfriend has to spray her with a hose because she can’t fit in the bathroom

In the saddest scene of the episode we find out that Nicole’s boyfriend, Charlie, has to spray her down with a hose because she’s too big to fit in the bathroom to shower.  She explains that she hates relying on her mother to help her with the kids but she has to so she won’t lose them.  Her son is in the bathroom and Nicole tries to get him out but he ignores her.  Nicole was unable to fit through the bathroom door to get him out.

Nicole My 600-lb Life
Nicole My 600-lb Life

Food brings Nicole and Charlie together

Nicole and Charlie both love junk food.  The episode shows the couple on a romanic trip to the grocery store.  Charlie pushes Nicole to the grocery store while she sits in her wheelchair.  One of the reasons she’s in a wheelchair is because of her weight yet the couple can care less.
Nicole Charlie My 600-lb Life
Nicole Charlie My 600-lb Life
Nicole doesn’t appreciate being judged.  In the Facebook post below she calls her critics out for judging her.  She explains that she’s proud of her wheelchair and uses it to take breaks.

What did you think about Nicole’s episode of My 600 lb Life? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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