Nova – The Rap Game

Nova is a 16-year-old contestant on season 3 of The Rap Game.  In episode 2, “Like A Boss” Jermaine Dupri advised the kids to create a rap about their work ethic.  While the other four contestants needed multiple takes, Nova was able to nail his verse on the first attempt.  Jermaine was very impressed, and Nova will most likely win the competition.


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At the end of the first episode, Tally was chosen number 1 while Nova made the number 2 spot on the Hit List.  many believe that Tally made week 1’s top spot because Jermaine was excited to welcome her back on the series.  Nova should have been number 1 two weeks in a row.

Where Is Nova From The Rap Game From?

Nova is from Reading, Pennsylvania.  The city is about an hour away from Philadelphia.  Reading is Pennsylvania’s fifth largest city.  Nova won season 3 of The Rap Game and now has the chance to put Reading on the map.  No one respected Toronto’s hip-hop before Drake.  If Nova continues to work hard he could help Jermaine Dupri bring So So Def back!  

Nova The Rap Game
Nova The Rap Game

Nova represents Reading, PA and is managed by his uncle Ekko.  In the last episode, Flau’jae’s mother, Kia, calls Ekko out for writing Nova’s rhymes.  Kia may have missed the beef between Meek Mill and Drake.  Like Da Brat explains, don’t knock the hustle.  If you have access to a good writer, use the person to help you develop quality rhymes.


Flau’jae’s mother wasn’t the only person who had words with Ekko.  In the last episode, we see Ekko call out Tally and her sister, Jaz.  Deetranada calls out Tally and Tally complains to Ekko.  He doesn’t want to hear it.  Ekko insults Tally for complaining when she released a diss track throwing shade at the season 2 contestants.

Don’t miss the next episode of The Rap Game!


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