Nova From The Rap Game – Snapchat Name

Scroll to the snapcode for Nova from The Rap Game’s Snapchat name!

Nova is the grand champ.  There’s no denying him.  He won season 3 of The Rap Game and Jermaine Dupri made the right decision.  Tally left the series early.  If she would have stayed there’s no way she would have defeated Nova.  Jermaine Dupri wanted to sign a rapper he could trust, not one that would give up when things get hard.


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Nova from The Rap Game‘s Snapchat name is TheRealestNova:

Nova From The Rap Game Snapchat Name
Nova From The Rap Game Snapchat Name

Deetranada vs Nova

The last two contestants standing were Deetranada and Nova.  Deetranada is a rare commodity and she definitely didn’t make JD’s decision easy.  When the season started, Deetranada had a bad attitude.  She would get frustrated when she failed to deliver.  By the finale, Deetranada was on point.  Out of the final four performances, Deetranada’s was the best.

Nova laid a solid foundation throughout season 3 of the competition.  He earned the number 1 spot on the Hit List several times, showing JD that he was ready to be a star.

Flau’jae and King Roscoe

Flau’jae is very talented but she has some work to do.  She made major improvements throughout the season but Nova’s experience enabled him to outperform Flau’jae.  The same is true with King Roscoe.  Although he defeated Nova in the rap battle, King Roscoe also has some growing up to do.

What do you think about Jermaine Dupri’s decision? Was Nova the right choice? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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