‘Empire’ Season 3 Recap: “Strange Bedfellows”

The episode begins with Hakeem waking up after an epic night of partying, boasting about how his 21st birthday is going to be an even more epic night of partying. (I can’t help but have a bad feeling about this.)  Hakeem skypes with Tiana, who is on tour and won’t be at the 21-hour club-hopping bash. He’s bummed that she won’t be there. (Again, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.) It’s going to be streamed live on Empire Xtreme, which Andre is pissed about.

Tiana winds up showing up, but Hakeem has words with the club manager about his appearance fee. At Leviticus, everything seems to be going great. Jamal and Tiana serenade Hakeem, but then a fight breaks out at the club. Andre and Hakeem argue about it and then Andre bans Hakeem from Empire Xtreme. Hakeem heads to Lucious’ house to get Bella and spend the final moments of his birthday with his daughter, which impresses Lucious. Lucious tells Hakeem the story of his birth

D-Major Facebook-lives his declaration of love to Jamal, but catches Jamal with another guy. Ouch. D-Major gets banned from Empire, because Cookie doesn’t like his influence over Jamal.

Leah has it out for Anika aka the “wife woman,” since she has disappeared. Hakeem is surprised to learn this. Anika returns and has a confrontation with Cookie and Lucious. And Leah, who wants to kill Anika. Boo Boo Kitty decides to start an affair with Tariq to discredit him, which is such an Anika thing to do.

Nia Long and Andre bond and flirt, talking about starting a business in Vegas. Cookie runs into Nia Long at the salon, and she takes Cookie’s hair appointment — and calls Cookie “trash.” Guiliana aka Nia Long flirt more and she tells him she won’t sleep with him unless Nessa says it’s ok, and he says it’s fine.

Angelo finds Cookie’s gun and gets upset, especially since it was a “gift” from Lucious. She pledges to get rid of it and all other gifts from Lucious.

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