Is Raven Symone Pregnant? – Weight Gain

Is Raven Symone pregnant? The talented actress recently gained weight leading many to believe she’s expecting a baby.  Raven is not pregnant.  She has been in a relationship with Empire actress AzMarie Livingston since 2012.  Last year, they broke but then they got back together.  AzMarie plays Chicken on Empire.


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Raven Symone makes her third appearance on Black-ish

Symone plays Rhonda, Andre’s (Anthony Anderson) sister on Black-ish.  In episode 20 of the show’s third season, “What Lies Beneath” she visits Pops (Laurence Fishburne) behind Dre’s back.  Dre finds out she’s in town because her and Pop are playing E-40’s “Tell Me When To Go” very loud.  Dre gets jealous of Rhonda’s relationship with Pops.

Is Raven Symone Pregnant?
Is Raven Symone Pregnant?

The Instagram post below shows Raven and her girlfriend, AzMarie Livingston aka “Chicken” on Empire.  In a recent episode of Empire we saw Chicken help Hakeem celebrate his 21st birthday.


While Dre’s a momma’s boy, Rhonda is daddy’s little princess.  Rhonda breaks Dre’s heart when she tells him that their mom, Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) cheated on Pops with his former gym teacher.
Is Raven Symone Pregnant?
Is Raven Symone Pregnant?
Dre used to blame everything on Pops but Rhonda forces him to admit that their mother is no angel.  Dre confronts his mom about her relationship with his gym teacher and she tells the truth.  Dre forgives her and Ruby explains that she never asked for his forgiveness!
Is Raven Symone Pregnant?
Is Raven Symone Pregnant?

What did you think about the “What Lies Beneath” episode of Black-ish? Is Raven Symone a good addition to the cast? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 


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