Drake Snapchat Name – 2017

Scroll to the Snapcode for Drake’s Snapchat name!

It was only a matter of time before Drake’s Snapchat name “leaked.” The rapper was recently seen discussing DJ Khaled on the app.  Does he ever stop working?  Last year, the duo delivered “For Free” and they’re currently working on another hit. Khaled’s upcoming album, “Grateful” will feature Drake but the Toronto rapper hasn’t sent his vocals.

DJ Khaled asks his son about Drake’s vocals on Snapchat

Scroll to the video at the end of this article to see DJ Khaled asking his son, Asahd, about Drake’s vocals.  Drake gets Khaled back by posting a video mocking his request.  We can’t wait to hear the song.  Drake’s verse has to be flawless now that the videos have been posted.  Now that Drake’s Snapchat username has leaked we’re hoping he starts using the account.


Drake’s Snapchat name is SnowInOctober:

Drake's Snapchat Name
Drake’s Snapchat Name

Drake’s $120,000 OVO Chain

Drake has been keeping himself busy since releasing More Life.  The rapper was recently seen showing off his new $120,000 OVO chain.


Drake OVO Chain
Drake OVO Chain

At a time when rapper’s chains are getting snatched left and right, Drizzy let’s the world know that he’s sporting over $100K on his neck.  We’re hoping his security team is on point.

Drake's Snapchat Name
Drake’s Snapchat Name

What do you think about Drake’s new chain? How about the rapper’s Snapchat video to Khaled? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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