Sina – Yung Joc Baby Mama

Sina Bina is Yung Joc’s baby mama.  She’s the mother of his twin daughters.  Last year, she was spotted with Sas, Scrapp DeLeon’s brother.  In Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s “War and Peace” episode we find out that Sina has a good relationship with another cast member: Rodney Bullock, Jasmine Washington’s boyfriend.  Rodney and Jasmine meet Yung Joc and Karlie Redd to clear up some rumors.


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Yung Joc lied about sleeping with Jasmine Washington

Karlie Redd wasn’t happy to find out about Yung Joc sleeping with Jasmine Washington.  It turns out Joc slept with a different Jasmine.  Rodney and Jasmine meet up with Joc and Karlie Redd to discuss the rumor.  Joc and Rodney are friends, so Rod wants to know the truth.  Joc explains that he was drunk and he couldn’t remember if Jasmine Washington was the Jasmine he slept with.

Sina Yung Joc Baby Mama
Sina Yung Joc Baby Mama

Rod and Sina talk everyday

Rod is happy after Yung Joc explains that he didn’t sleep with Jasmine.  Bullock then reveals that him and Joc’s baby mama, Sina, speak on a regular basis.  Despite the time Rod spent in jail, he’s been able to maintain strong relationships with numerous people.  Like Karen King, the show’s cast members seem to be intimidated by Rod.


Joc isn’t bothered after finding out about Rod and Sina.  He tells Rod that Sina is grown and she can do anything she wants.


Joc was at the restaurant with Karlie Redd, his current girlfriend, why would he care about Sina?


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