Mel B Nanny Pregnancy — Husband Abuse Scandal

Now this is too much. Mel B just had to take out a restraining order on her husband that she recently filed for divorce from. The list of allegations she has against his are sickening and trust me, it’s a long list. 

Mel B has been in the media with her husband, Stephen Belafonte before, but never to this extent. She claims that he has been abusive since she married him in 2007. Belafonte forced her to have threesomes with random women and if she didn’t he would leak the sex tapes. Belafonte also got the nanny pregnant and reportedly paid her $300,000 to have an abortion after suggested the three of them live as a big happy family. It’s not done yet, Mel B claims that when she once overdosed on aspirin, he wouldn’t let her call 911 to receive help. Belafonte is also accused of pushing the singer down right before her Olympics performance and when her father was losing his battle to cancer, Belafonte told the former Spice Girl to “suck it up. If he’s going to die, he’s going to die.” Disgusting.
Pictures of Mel B appearing battered and bruised have appeared in the media over the last couple of years but she has always defended her husband. She even fell out with her mother who confessed that she fears for her daughters life with Stephen because she know how violent he is. In the picture below Mel B documents when Stephen split her lip and attacked her before her “X Factor” performance in 2014 where he accused her for sleeping with Usher!
The saddest thing about the situation is that the couple share three children. Thank God Mel was granted her restraining order and hopefully the divorce is granted in a timely manner. Of course Stephen is denying all of the allegations against him but the evidence is public knowledge and even documented in a chronological chart on The Daily Mail.

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