Lovely Mimi Mugshots

Lovely Mimi Mugshots

Wow! Who would have
thought Lovely Mimi has a criminal record and even has a police mugshot! Bet
you are dying to know all about the bad things she did to receive such a
criminal record and a police mugshot, right? Let’s talk about the bad things
Lovely Mimi has done in the past, shall we?

Lovely Mimi’s Charges in 2013

Back in 2013, Lovely
Mimi was arrested and charged with drug trafficking and she was arrested and
charged with having a firearm. This happened in her home state of Maryland. She
only spent three days in jail before she had to appear in court and in front of
the judge. Then, all of a sudden, and for unknown reasons, the prosecutor chose
not to prosecute her. She got off way too easy this time.

Lovely Mimi’s real name
is Myha Thi Luong. She and Tommie both have criminal records. Although Lovely
Mimi or Myha has a criminal record, no mugshots of her have been found and
appear to not even exist. After spending those three days in jail, she posted a
$75,000 bond and was able to go home.

However, once her case
went to circuit court, she found that she was facing six counts of drug
trafficking with intent to distribute and one firearm account. This, instead of
the five drug trafficking charges against her. However, they chose not to
prosecute yet again and she was let go.

What do you think of
Lovely Mimi’s criminal record? Don’t you think that it is weird that she doesn’t
have a mugshot? Sound off with your opinions and let us know what you think
about this!

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