Lil Kim Sister — Meek Mill New Girfriend?

So two big rumors. One is Lil Kim apparently has a sister (on her dad’s side) and two she may be dating Meek Mill. This alleged sister goes by Nessa Colombiana but it doesn’t seem like she is actually related to Kim at all. It may stem from the fact that she looks like Lil Kim looks now and there was a picture of them together floating around on the internet.

This Nessa girl appears to be in her 20’s (maybe 30’s who knows these days) and is really pretty. She is about her business too because she apparently has a jewelry and clothing line called Rich Girlz. She also has a daughter that is a spitting image of her. There is no proof on her of Kim’s Instagram that they are related but there is a familiar name popping up in her likes.

It’s none other than newly-single bitter Betty Meek Mill. Tea Tenders has grabbed screenshots of Meek Mill repeatedly liking Nessa’s photos and allegedly hanging out with her. Nessa is rumored to be known in New York and reportedly tried out for “Love and Hip-Hop New York” last season. She has almost 500,000 followers so she must be pretty popular. Tea Tenders also said that she is best friends with Meek’s ex-girlfriend Lil Tokyo. That could make for an interesting “Love and Hip-Hop” Storyline. Her Instagram is @Itsrgnessa.

What do you think? Is this Lil Kim’s sister? Is she dating Meek Mill? Is the internet reaching too far?

Now getting back to yesterday’s tea, #MeekMill’s new chick is gorgeous, and she just so happens to be #LilKim’s little half sister (fathers side)….when we first found out she was related to Kim, we saw the similarities immediately…this was years ago, Kim and Nessa must’ve fallen out, because Nessa used to have pics of Kim on her page, explaining to people how they were blood sisters …..they look so much alike, we think Kim was inspired by her lil sisters good looks, and got some of those procedures done to look more like her gorgeous lil sister 😳 Those are their pics at the top…and the bottom pic is of Kim, but she looks so similar to Nessa, you can’t even tell which one of them it isπŸ˜„β€οΈ Nessa got a nose job also, but it didn’t make her nose as pointy as Kim’s, otherwise they’re twins…😍#TeaTENDERS
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