Cynthia Wells – My 600-lb Life

Cynthia Wells is the 42-year-old that appeared on episode 3 of My 600-lb Life‘s fifth season.  She’s from Oklahoma City, OK and weighs 603 lbs.  She is in pain from the moment she wakes up in the morning.  Her ankles are swollen and her body is stiff because she doesn’t move throughout the night.


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Cynthia gets upset after gaining four pounds

Cynthia’s story is one of the saddest episodes of My 600-lb Life we’ve ever seen.  Her daughter has to clean the back of her legs because her arms are too short.  She hates having her daughter help her but she still doesn’t reach her target weight to have surgery.  During a month when she was supposed to lose 30 pounds, Cynthia gains 4 pounds.
Cynthia Wells My 600 lb Life
Cynthia Wells My 600 lb Life

Cynthia gets very frustrated about her weight gain and makes several excuses.  Early in the episode, we see her have to watch her children play in the park from a far.  She wants to play with them but she’s unable to because of her weight.  I thought this would motivate her to lose weight, but it doesn’t.

Size is a “birth right” in Cynthia’s family

Cynthia’s brother explains that size is like a birth right in the Wells family.  Today, many blame fast food for obesity but parents play a more important role in their children’s eating habits.  Children raised in families that eat healthy are generally less likely to be overweight.  If a healthy lifestyle would have been a birth right in the Wells family, Cynthia would not be obese.

Teaching requires Cynthia to stand the entire day

Cynthia explains that she’s a special education teacher and she’s on her feet all day.  She can’t make it into her building without stopping so she plans her route strategically.  After she parks, she walks to her classroom, taking a route that has multiple sitting areas for her to take breaks.  She is so tired by the time she gets to her classroom that she has to eat.

What did you think about Cynthia’s story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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