Mimibad – Dion Sims Baby Mama

Instagram user, _mimibad told NFL player, Dion Sims that she’s his new baby mama.  Sims is the former Miami Dolphins tight end.  Last month, he signed with the Chicago Bears.  Mimibad called Sims out on Instagram for ignoring his responsibilities.  Scroll to the Instagram post below to see her full message.


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Mimi’s Instagram profile explains that she’s a premilf, nurse and Buddhist.  She also has a Dominican Republic flag on her page: 🇩🇴

_mimibad Dion Sims Baby Mama
_mimibad Dion Sims Baby Mama

It looks like Sims left something in Miami: His new family.  The image above shows Dion Sims’ new baby mama.

_mimibad Dion Sims Baby Mama
_mimibad Dion Sims Baby Mama

Mimi’s account is private but the screenshot below reveals that she’s ready to clap back at negative comments.

_mimibad Dion Sims Baby Mama
_mimibad Dion Sims Baby Mama

Dion Sims was born on February 18, 1991 and is currently 26-years-old.  His new contract with the Bears is worth $18 million but a big chunk of that will be going to child support if Mimibad really is his new baby mama.  Dion grew up in Detroit, Michigan where he attended St. Mary’s Prep.

What do you think about Mimibad using Instagram to inform Dion that she’s expecting their baby? She says Sims was ignoring his responsibilities.  Did she do the right thing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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