The Shade Room Lawsuit — Michael Blackson Leaked Video

Funny man Michael Blackson is suing everyone’s favorite source to get tea — The Shade Room. If you haven’t heard this news you may want to sit down for this, Michael Blackson has a sex tape. Well not really a sex tape sex tape, but close it’s a tape where you can see what he’s working with and it was user submitted from whom Michael says is an angry ex of him, full-frontal, in a hotel room. 

Well the comedian was very upset by the situation and of course went on a hilarious rant against the gossip site explaining ‘First of all, that’s not a hotel, that’s my house in Delaware I bought back in 2008. That pic looks about 4 years old because I was lighter back then, my ex is still mad about her bladder infection and the b**** misses the mutombo.”
If you keep up with the star you’ll know that he’s actually engaged to the very beautiful Georgia Reign so it made him seem like her was cheating on her. Blackson says that Reign left him, but not before calling him a “black beech.” Lol!
Blackson is also upset with The Shade Room for “ruining his brand.” Now that it’s left him single too the comedian is taking action in a lawsuit against The Shade Room, even taking photos of the claims.
Do you think this is all for show? Did Georgia really leave him? The video is 100% real but he probably won’t be able to win a suit against the site since it was a submitted video. It’s hard to tell when he’s being serious or just joking but he is an entertainer after all. Who would’ve thought out of all people Michael Blackson would be the next to be exposed?

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