Mike Epps Kangaroo

Mike Epps finds himself in the media for a few different reasons. From promotion to his shows and upcoming movies to being caught inboxing women on social media by his wife, Mike Epps is a character. But he recently has been in the media for a situation involving a kangaroo.

I know that you’ve seen the viral video where a man is chasing after a kangaroo on a leash. Between the internet having no chill and the comments under it, the media assumed the man was a crackhead who had it on the leash and it quickly spread with the caption “Crackheads can turn anything into a pet.” Contrary to the caption, the man is not a crackhead he’s actually an educator with a great cause. He works in Detroit to bring exotic pets and animals to underprivileged children’s events and educate them about animals that they’re not used to seeing. Mike Epps decided to link up with the guy at a show and bring the kangaroo on stage.
In a video captured by a fan he’s seen playing around with the kangaroo who is visibly upset and decided to, well, swing back! Kangaroos are basically the natural Floyd Mayweather’s of the earth and Mike Epps had to jump back before things got too intense. The video caused a lot of backlash from people who are wondering the same thing you are now. Why is this kangaroo not where he belongs? Why bring it on stage? Why are you messing with a kangaroo like that Mike Epps?
Anyways, the comedian released a new video of the same night that the incident took place of him feeding the kangaroo a banana and explains that he would never hurt an animal like that and that he and the kangaroo are tight. Lol! 
Mike Epps meant no harm but maybe he should save live animal shows to the experts and keep us laughing with his jokes on stage.

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