Tamar Braxton First Husband

Tamar Braxton, little sister to living legend Toni Braxton with an equally talented set of pipes, is married to uber successful music producer Vincent Herbert. The two share a son, Logan, and also have a TV show on WE that chronicles her career, love, and home life. But on last night’s episode of “Braxton Family Values” the singer mentioned to her sister Towanda Braxton that she knew that divorces were hard because she went through one herself. The question is who was Tamar’s first husband?

His name is Darell “Delite” Allamby and they were married for two years from 2001 to 2003. Darell is a music producer and rumored deadbeat dad. If you’ve watched “The Real” or BFV you’ll remember that Tamar was very vocal about being physically and emotionally abused in the past. Darell may be the ex that she was referring to.

Another big topic of conversation was Tamar’s miscarriage. Tamar and Vince have been trying to have a second child via IVF. In the episode, Tamar reveals that she suffered a miscarriage just a week before an intense argument with her sisters and that’s why she might have been very emotional during the argument (it didn’t help that her sister Trina Braxton called her a bad mother). However, the drama continued beyond the show when Towanda addressed the situation while live tweeting the show. Towanda talks about how an IVF isn’t a miscarriage and addressed Tamar’s claims about her sisters leaking the story about Vince biting Tamar’s finger in a heated argument. Check out the tweets below.

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