Tally Diss Track? – The Rap Game

It was sad seeing Tally leave in episode 12 of The Rap Game‘s third season, “Don’t Underestimate Nobody.” Jermaine Dupri advised the kids to prepare for a rap battle.  Flau’jae, Deetranada, Nova and King Roscoe were excited but Tally looked worried.  She began discussing her options with her sister and then she decided to leave.  What a waste of time.

Tally made the number 2 spot on the Hit List in episode 5 of The Rap Game‘s third season, “Roll Wit It.” This season’s competition is fierce but two rappers are stealing the show: Tally and Nova.  The two emcees are constantly battling each other for the number 1 spot.  Nova got it this week, using his creativity to deliver all the right moves.

In episode 4, “Poncho v. Dashiki” we saw Tally lose some points because she looks too much like Iggy Azalea.  She tried to pick a look that would separate herself from Iggy but it didn’t work out.  A person screams “Iggy!” from their car as the drive by Tally.  Here’s a pic of her from the episode:

A photo posted by The Rap Game (@rapgamelifetime) on Feb 3, 2017 at 9:52am PST


Tally’s diss track is brought up in episode 1 of The Rap Game‘s third season.  Scroll to the video at the end of this post to hear her discuss the track.  If you’re anything like us you didn’t know the Nashville rapper released a diss track.  If you have access to it, let us know in the comment section below.  Tally made the number 1 spot on the Hit List at the end of episode 1.


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Jermaine Dupri is proving that he can still make something out of nothing.  He introduced artists like Kris Kross, Da Brat and Bow Wow and now he’s using The Rap Game to reinvent his record label, So So Def.  One phrase he may want to stay away from is “reverse racism.”

Tally Diss Track The Rap Game
Tally Diss Track The Rap Game

In the video below, Jermaine explains that Tally faces reverse racism because she’s white so people expect more from her:

A video posted by Tally (@tallyraps) on Jul 19, 2016 at 10:39pm PDT


Jermaine explains that Tally is often compared to white rapper, Iggy Azalea.  Tally didn’t make the cut on season 2 of The Rap Game because she forgot her lyrics.  There were several black rappers that forgot their lyrics during season 2 of the series.


Why was the one white contestant on the series invited back? If it’s the “reverse racism” Dupri mentions in the video above, how about the racism that the black contestants experience on an everyday basis?


Jermaine says that he decided to invite her back because of social media.  In other words, the white contestant on the series is a more savvy social media marketer compared to the other contestants.  She has built a following that spoke out after she was eliminated and Dupri is granting their wishes.


Do you think Tally being invited back is fair? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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