‘Empire’ Season 3, Episode 11 Recap: “Play On”

We pick up with Cookie’s remorse for trashing Lucious’ place, for kissing him, and for that time Lucious got her kicked out of her dad’s house — which included them having sex for the first time in a flashback. Cookie’s sister tells Cookie she better not go back to “Lucifer Lyon.” Cookie visits Angelo and he notices her bruises from her Lucious showdown. Angelo later confronts Lucious over Cookie’s parole.

Cookie goes to clear the air with Lucious, and walks in after Anika and Lucious have had sex. Oy. They argue about their feelings for each other and move on from each other. Later, Anika tries to comfort Becky about the A&R position, saying one day she will be ready for it, and lets her be in charge of a rehearsal.

At dinner, Cookie’s sister drops hints that Angelo and Cookie should have a proper wedding — and then there’s a flashback to Lucious and Cookie’s wedding (she’s pregnant with Andre, presumably).

Hakeem shows his support for Tiana at a dance rehearsal for her music video (directed by Hakeem), where he tries to get her to finally meet his daughter.  Tiana doesn’t want to, but the conversation gets interrupted when Leah Walker shows up, gets one of the dancers to distract her guard so she can sneak away, and urges Hakeem to marry Tiana. Anika makes Hakeem take Isbella for the day and thus Tiana finally comes face to face with the baby — and she enjoys it more than she thought she would.

Jamal works in the studio with Tory. Cookie advises them to “mess it up some more” and to not let Lucious know what they’re doing. But after some jamming, Jamal tells them not to wipe the hard drive clean. Uh oh. Of course, Cookie and Jamal find Lucious listening to Jamal’s track. There’s also a flashback to when Cookie told Lucious she was pregnant.

Tariq meets with Anika and Leah Walker. Will his investigation ever end?

Andre meets Danger (literally), who is an actual man. He goes deeper and meets other shady folks, including a character played by Nia Long.

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