Adrien Broner Baby Mothers

Adrien Broner is known for his flashy lifestyle and outlandish behavior but after today, many people think that the professional boxer has crossed the line. Many of you have heard about the tragic shooting at Cameo Nightclub where one person was killed and 16 others were injured in a shooting. Well today Broner decided to tweet “Dam I wish my babymamas was at cameo!!!!!” Adrien has 7 kids with six women. Come on Broner, to make fun of a shooting that just happened is one thing but to (publicly) wish death or harm on the mothers to your children is a whole new level of low.

One of Broners’ baby mothers, apparently the one that he was suggesting that should’ve been at Cameo, took to social media to put him on the spot. Broner is engaged to a woman named Arie that goes by ‘Miss Louie Bags’. Well it seems like he has been stepping out on his soon-to-be wife because according to Miya, Adrien’s first baby mother, it was all good just a week ago! Fameoulous retrieved this screenshot where Adrien and Miya were hanging out.

Miss Louie Bags decided to apologize on behalf of her man and defending the baby mothers club by taking to Instagram to say “That was really rude” and “I truly apologize for that”. That was very sweet of Ms. Bags but now she has people coming for her telling her to break off the engagement because her man is cheating not to mention that she has to think about her fiance’s behavior. If he speaks that way about the mother of his children how long will it be before he speaks that way about her if things go south?

What do you think about the situation? Was it just a joke taken too far?

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