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Are you guys ready for the laugh of the day? Instagram model and former Taz’s Angels member Noel Bianca allegedly got flown out to Oregon by Minnesota Timberwolves player Shabazz Muhammad and left stranded. It doesn’t stop there, the model messaged the NBA baller’s girlfriend asking for help to get home! You read that right, a side chick asked a main chick for help after getting stranded by the main chick’s boyfriend. This is the ultimate 2017 situation but it’s only March so I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll be shook by another side chick shenanigan.

Below you can see the screenshot taken by Shabazz’s alleged current girlfriend Khrys where Noel Bianca explains that the baller flew her to Oregon, lied about having to fly out with the team, and was caught with a second side chick in an elevator! The messages proceed to say that she was sleeping with Shabazz unprotected and just wants help getting home. Khyrs answers with the ultimate clapback, “Not my man. Not my problem”, and left Bianca looking like a sitting duck. Not to mention that Noel Bianca has been in a scandalous situation with married NBA player Zachary Randolph for giving her an STD.

I am not sure what Noel Bianca thought would happen, I’m guessing she wanted to expose Shabazz and rub it in his girlfriend’s face that she was with her man but instead ended up looking like boo boo the fool. Let’s all hope she learned her lesson and gets with a single man who can treat her the way she deserves and not be left in this embarrassing situation.

Khryss’ Instagram is @itskhrysss
Noel Bianca’s Instagram is @realnoelbianca
Shabazz’s Instagram is @bazz

What do you think of this mess?

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