Mike Bivins Wife Teasha – Age, Birthday, Instagram, Son

Michael Bivins wife, Teasha is a hustler, just like him.  The New Edition star makes smart decisions and marrying Teasha was definitely one of them.  She’s the CEO of Bivins Realty Group.  The company is located in Fairfield County, CT.  She took the Connecticut real estate exam in 2003 and opened Bivins Realty in 2007.


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Teasha was born on October 20, 1979.  She attended Connecticut State University and graduated with a Marketing degree.  Michael Bivins and Teasha have four children: Michael Bivins, Jr. is their son and they have three beautiful daughters: Savi, Star and Shi Bivins.

Mike Bivins Wife Teasha Age Birthday Instagram Son
Mike Bivins Wife Teasha Age Birthday Instagram Son

Teasha Bivins chose Bryshere Y. Gray to play Michael in The New Edition Story

In the Instagram post below, Michael thanks Teasha for picking Bryshere Y. Gray to play him in The New Edition Story.  Bryshere did a wonderful job in the project and his swag is similar to Michael’s.  Bivins was one of the only members of the group with enough confidence to call out Bobby Brown.  Bryshere’s confidence as Hakeem on Empire is very similar to Michael’s boldness.

The Michael L. Bivins Basketball Court

Teasha’s man recently scored a hot property.  Last year, Mayor Marty Walsh named a basketball court after the Boston singer.  Every year, Bivins returns to Boston’s Roxbury’s Ramsay Park to host the Michael Bivins Basketball Tournament.  Prior to signing his record deal, basketball was everything to Michael.  We’re proud of him and wish him and Teasha the best!


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