DJ Frank White, T.I. – Doe B Beef

T.I. and DJ Frank White are beefing over Doe B.  Frank is one of Boston’s most popular DJs.  He worked with T.I.’s son, Domani and T.I. claims that Frank is mad because Domani fired him.  T.I. says his son decided to end his relationship with Frank because the DJ is a snake šŸ.  T.I’s fans are posting snake emojis on the DJ’s Instagram page.


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Doe B was an Atlanta rapper signed to Hustle Gang.  He always wore an eye patch after getting shot in 2009.  The rapper, whose real name is Glenn Thomas, was murdered in 2013.

DJ Frank White TI Doe B Beef
DJ Frank White TI Doe B Beef

DJ Frank White claims T.I. still makes money off of Doe B

In the Instagram post below, Frank calls T.I. a liar and claims that his team still makes money off of Doe B.  His debut album was scheduled to be released in 2014.  After he died, his team revealed that he had over 200 unreleased songs recorded.  In 2014, Doe B’s single “Why” was released.  A few months later, his album D.O.A.T. 3 was released.

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T.I. explains that 25% of Doe B’s money goes to DJ Frank White

In the following Instagram post, T.I. explains that 50% of Doe B’s earning go to his estate, 25% go to DJ Frank White and 25% goes to Doe B’s management partners.  T.I. calls Frank out for taking Doe B’s money and claiming it’s Hustle Gang.  Doe B left 3 daughters that deserve any money his music earns.


DJ Frank White had the wrong old school car pull up so Domani fired him

Don’t you hate when you get screenshot? In the Instagram post below T.I. exposes Frank.  The DJ sent T.I. a text message discussing Domani’s video shoot.  Frank had the wrong old school car pull up so Domani cut him back to 5%.  The last message Frank sends explains that Domani fired him.  He thanks T.I. and keeps it moving.


What do you think about the Doe B beef between T.I. and DJ Frank White? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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