Brandy Rusher Shot — ANTM Contestant in Critical Condition

Brandy Rusher from season four of “America’s Next Top Model” has been seriously injured in a Texas shooting. The former finalist was one of four people who were shot at Haverstock Hill Apartments on Sunday night when a car drove up to the complex and opened fire with a high-powered rifle.

Two of the wounded victims died which included Wayne Rusher and Christopher Beatty who were related to Brandy, making it seem like this was a calculated shooting. The 33-year-old model is currently in critical condition and has been moved to the intensive care unit in the hospital she was taken to. Two suspect are still on the run after pulling up in a four door vehicle and retrieving an automatic rifle before opening fire.

E! News spoke with the grandfather of the victims who stated “Yes they were involved in a shooting but we don’t know anything about it. We would just like to keep the family in prayer.”

You may remember Brandy Rusher from her firecracker personality and dazzling red afro to go along with it. Hopefully the former contestant is able to have a safe and fast recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rusher family at this tragic time.

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