Dave East Baby Mother Instagram

Millie Colon, aka rapper Dave East’s baby mother, is at it again via Instagram. Her Instagram name is @milliecolon_ which is a new one since she deleted her last account. Dave East recently posted an adorable photo of him and his daughter and Millie put him on the spot.

According to Colon, Dave won’t let her see her own daughter. She claims that the only way that she gets to see her is with the rest of the world, on Dave East’s social media. She goes on to say that Dave is being spiteful and she wouldn’t wish this situation on an enemy.

Of course people took to Dave’s Instagram to voice their opinion and bash the rapper for keeping his child away from her mother. In a very lengthy statement East put everything on the table stating how Millie has never worked a day in her life, he has raised his beautiful baby girl since birth, and how Millie hasn’t purchased a single ounce of formula for their daughter. The craziest allegation that came from the feud is that Millie, whose real name is Milagrito Colon, brought the police to his house and accused him of being a gang-banging druggie who kidnapped their daughter. Luckily, Dave was easily able to prove that he has been the caretaker of his daughter and police apologized for the disturbance.

The two exes have been in the media over the same topic recently and hopefully for their young daughter’s sake they are able to come to an amicable agreement.

On an unrelated not Dave East and Trina would make a hot couple. Do you agree?

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