Trey Songz – Meek Mill

Trey Songz – Meek Mill

Did you get to hear the interview “The Breakfast Club” did with Trey Songz? During that interview, he talked about Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill, and Drake. He talked about how he made music with Drake at one time and almost signed him on a record deal. He almost signed a record deal with him until Drake went to Young Money/Cash Money instead.

Then, Trey talked about the beef he has with Nicki Minaj and how he really loves her but she disrespected him and came at him at a bad time. This was about how allegations came up from Remy Ma’s shETHER that he and Minaj had slept together at one point. About this he said:

“Nicki said she gave me six plaques. But let’s keep it real. Nicki ain’t have sh-t before “Bottoms Up.” 
He also said to Nicki:

“I love you Nicki, I love you. You came at me wrong. You disrespected me, but I love you.”

He also had something to say about Meek Mill during the radio interview. Apparently, some fans were asking if a recent Instagram post that featured Trey and Meek was a diss directed toward Nicki.

Trey had this to say about that:

“Nobody uses me as a pawn, first of all.”

The rapper said he was appalled that people would believe he would get together with Meek and do a diss against Nicki like that.

So, there is your answer folks, it was not meant to be a diss against Nicki at all.

What do you think about this? Sound off with your comments and let us know what you think about this!

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