Kendrick Lamar – Disses Jay Z In ‘The Heart Part 4’?

Did Kendrick Lamar diss Jay Z in “The Heart Part 4”? No, Kendrick mentions Jay Z’s name but does not diss him.  Here’s the bars in question:

You makin’ him nervous, the music is loud
Hoe, Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit yo punk-ass down!

Earlier this year, Jay Z became the first rapper to ever be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  Kendrick gives Jay a shout out on the song.  The Brooklyn rapper has paved the way for younger emcees.  Without Jay Z’s hard work and determination, Kendrick would not have access to all the opportunities he’s been taking advantage of.


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Some believe the line was a shot at Drake.  We all know that Toronto rapper doesn’t write his rhymes.  Jay Z and Drake have been sending subliminal shots at each other for years and Kendrick doesn’t seem to approve.

Kendrick Lamar Disses Jay Z In The Heart Part 4?
Kendrick Lamar Disses Jay Z In The Heart Part 4?

Did Kendrick Lamar Diss Big Sean In ‘The Heart Part 4’?

Many people think Kendrick took numerous shots at Big Sean on “The Heart Part 4.” Big Sean recently visited The Breakfast Club where Charlamagne called him out for getting bodied by Kendrick on “Control.” Charlamagne says that Kendrick clearly had a better verse but Big Sean disagrees.

In the second verse of “The Heart Part 4” Kendrick says, “I’ll Big Pun yo punk ass, you scared little bitch.” Big Sean’s favorite two words are “Little Bitch” leading many to believe that Kendrick took a subliminal shot at the Detroit rapper.

Big Sean Little Bitch
Big Sean Little Bitch

Kendrick Lamar disses Donald Trump

Kendrick is following Snoop Dogg’s lead.  “Donald Trump is a chump” Kendrick proclaims.  He says that Russia needs a replay button and calls out the electoral voting system.  Kendrick handled his disapproval of Trump maturely compared to Snoop.  In Snoop’s video “Lavender” he shoots a Donald Trump look-a-like with a toy gun.

What do you think about Kendrick’s new single “The Heart Part 4”? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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