34 Missing Girls In DC #MissingDcGirls

We recently reported that 14 teens went missing in Washington, DC but that number increased to 34.  Anjel Burl is one of the last girls that went missing.  She’s 16-years-old.  She was last seen on 43rd Road NE.  Many believe that the girls are victims of human trafficking.  Reports on the exact number of missing girls vary.


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Social media is a powerful tool being used to help find the teens.  #MissingDcGirls is currently trending.  People are sharing their thoughts on the lack of effort that has went towards finding the missing girls.  In the early 1990s, Washington, DC was nicknamed the murder capital of the United States.  In the mid-2000s, crime levels dropped to their lowest levels in more than two decades.
Distressed neighborhoods transformed because the people of Washington, DC came together.  The same must be done to find the missing girls.

34 Missing Girls In DC
34 Missing Girls In DC

Tom Brady’s jersey vs missing teens

Comedian, DL Hughley voiced his anger about the missing girls.  He got very upset after finding out about Tom Brady’s jersey being found by the FBI.

Brady’s Super Bowl 51 jersey went missing and the world went crazy.  The incident received a substantial amount of media coverage.  The families of the missing teens hope to see their children on the news and instead they see Tom Brady’s jersey.

Families fear sex trafficking

Sex trafficking has been called modern day slavery.  Traffickers use violence to force others to have sex against their will.  Lee Daniels shed light on the problem on the Star TV show.  He showed victims being transported from other countries to the United States.  This occurs far too often.  Third world countries are unable to control sex trafficking.

We rarely see traffickers target people in the United States but that could be what’s going on in Washington, DC.  Families fear that the girls were kidnapped and are being forced to have sex against their will.


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