Traci Steele – Kevin Gates, Polk, Cook County Jail

It seems as though Kevin Gates just can’t catch a break! After completing jail time on a battery charge for kicking a female fan at a Florida concert, the rapper has to have a hearing about a warrant in Illinois. Apparently, Kevin Gates has a felony weapon charge and didn’t know until it was time to be released and now he is facing extradition. Yikes.


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This isn’t an uncommon event. When Kodak Black was in jail last year he found out that he was facing charges in a different state. It brings up the question of why don’t these things come up earlier? Shouldn’t all of an inmates warrants come up once their booked or isn’t there some sort of system in place to prevent this from happening?

Traci Steele Kevin Gates Polk Cook County Jail
Traci Steele Kevin Gates Polk Cook County Jail

Gates delivered the kick seen around the world in 2015 to a female fan at one of his performances in Florida. The kick looked pretty brutal on tape but the rapper says that after multiple attempts to stop the fan from grabbing his private area, he had to do something to stop her. He admits that kicking her in the chest was the wrong thing to do and that he’s sorry for his actions. Honestly, between me and you, it seemed like he was going to walk away scot-free but the judge assigned to his case clearly meant business and sentenced Kevin to 6 months jail time. Now that he’s served the mandatory five months, he has to settle the dust regarding that Illinois weapon charge.

Gates discusses the concert incident in his song “The Truth” which includes lyrics that read:

“Man in the mirror,  you way outta order / Go to jail, who gonna look out for your daughter? / All in the news ’bout what happened in Florida / Posted on WorldStar on iPhone recorders / She grabbed my dick over and acted, I’m sorry / Two or three times I had already warned her / Edit that part out, I don’t like to argue.”


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