Nia Long Kendrick Lamar – Unforgettable Moment

Nia Long and Kendrick Lamar shared a very awkward back in 2013.  At the BET Awards Kendrick tries to give Nia a hug and she doesn’t move.  Nia and T.I. were being interview when Kendrick interrupts.  He daps up T.I. and then went in for a hug from Nia.  Her reaction proves that she has some attitude.


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Taraji P. Henson embraced Kendrick Lamar

The beef between Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long could be real.  Taraji embraced Kendrick at the awards.

Nia Long Kendrick Lamar
Nia Long Kendrick Lamar

If Kendrick interrupted one of Taraji’s red carpet interviews, Henson would have given him a big hug.  Nia Long is petty.  The beef between her and Henson started after Taraji asked her if she was on her period.

Taraji P. Henson Kendrick Lamar
Taraji P. Henson Kendrick Lamar

Nia went off on a fellow cast member and Henson didn’t approve.  Empire is Taraji’s bread and butter.  The actress won’t let Nia ruin the series.

Papoose disses Kendrick after he’s curved by Nia Long

In Papoose’s response to “Control” he calls Kendrick out for getting curved by Nia.  Papoose says Nia rejected Kendrick, advising him to keep his arm.  When you embarrass someone in public there are consequences.  Nia failed to consider the fact that she was making Kendrick look like an idiot.  Kendrick could be in a position of power one day and choose not to work with Nia because of the incident.

Do you think the beef between Taraji and Nia is real? Nia denies the rumors.  We wish Taraji could have been on the red carpet when Nia refused to hug Kendrick.  She most likely would have asked the actress if she was on her period.

Nia Long Kendrick Lamar
Nia Long Kendrick Lamar
Despite her bad attitude, we can’t wait to see Nia Long’s guest appearance on Empire!

In the following video, Nia discusses J. Cole and sounds thirsty.  She says that she likes Drake but prefers J. Cole.  She says she loves Kendrick Lamar but not as much as she adores J. Cole.


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