What Happened on ‘Empire’ Last Night?

What Happened on ‘Empire’ Last Night?

Did you watch last
night’s episode of ‘Empire?’ Everyone was on the edge of their seats really
watching it, of course, because, after all, it was the season premiere. Why
wouldn’t anyone have watched it? After a very long wait, the Lyons came back to
our screens. The little screens and the big screens. Whatever you watched it
on, you had to have seen the fight between Lucious and Cookie, right? It was

So, what happened last
night then, in case you missed it, you are asking? Lucious really not only made
Cookie mad by telling her he was turning Empire over to his wife, Anika. Cookie
grabbed a bat and really tore into him good! She not only trashed his shrine of
gold records but she went after him with the bat! Cookie was pissed! Woah,
Cookie, calm down!

According to TV
, although they were supposed to make up in the scene by having full on
intercourse, TV Line talked to the director of the show and he said that
originally, they were supposed to have sex on
the scene to make up for the fight they just had but right before, and I mean
right before, they started the scene, the actors went to director, Craig Brewer
and said they had second thoughts about the sex scene. They said they shouldn’t
do it. That is why it didn’t happen. Brewer said this is what he loves about
working with these two on the show because they really live their characters.

According to Brewer, he
listens to the actors because they really know
their characters and really knows what should be done with the scenes.

What did you think
about the new episode of ‘Empire?’ Did you enjoy it? Sound off with your
thoughts and let us know what you thought of the episode!

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