Remy Ma On Empire Fox

Empire‘s “Sound and Fury” episode starts with an unforgettable performance by Remy Ma.  Lucious announces his Inferno music project and Cookie lets him know that the battle is on.  Lucious reminds us of Lucifer as he walks through fire to announce his Inferno album.  Remy Ma makes it clear that Lucious will bring that fire with his new music.


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The Bronx emcee declares that they made her in hell and she’s ready to bring that fire.  Her vicious lyrics remind us of “shETHER” the diss song she released destroying Nicki Minaj.  On “shETHER” Remy compares Nicki to Cookie Lyon.  Remy calls Nicki out for jumping from crew to crew and says she had sexual relations with the whole empire.

Remy Ma On Empire
Remy Ma On Empire

Shyne Approves Of Lucious And Remy’s Heat

Shyne is not loyal to Lucious.  He has been planning to take the music mogul down since his first appearance on the series.  Shyne is impressed by Remy’s performance and Lucious declares that it’s about time.  Lucious explains that he’s been attacked from all sides.  Everyone is trying to tear down what he has built.

Remy Ma On Empire
Remy Ma On Empire

Cookie Is Upset Because Lucious Doesn’t Give Her A Heads Up

Cookie wants Lucious to announce that he’s stepping down.  She’s very upset that Lucious fails to tell her about his upcoming project considering the fact that she’s co-CEO.  Cookie brings up Lucious’ attempt to ruin her relationship with Angelo.  Lucious wants beef.  Cookie tells him to play with her if he wants to and Lucious warns her that he’s about that life.

Remy Ma On Empire
Remy Ma On Empire

Hakeem Approves Of Remy Ma

Hakeem tells Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) that Remy Ma is hot and Becky is on it.  She says that she already talked to Lucious about Tiana doing one of her tracks.  We’ll see if that happens.  Andre promises Nessa that he’ll have a track on Lucious’ new album.
Empire is back and better than ever! What did you think about the “Sound and Fury” episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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