James Harris Jackson – Baltimore, Maryland Murders Timothy Caughman

James Harris Jackson is the 28-year-old from Baltimore, Maryland who killed Timothy Caughman.  James travelled from Baltimore to New York City via bus on Wednesday.  Timothy was picking up bottles and James used a sword to fatally would him.  Caughman was homeless and staggered into a police precinct.


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James Harris Jackson is an Army veteran

James is a former Army veteran who served in Afghanistan.  Jackson was determined to make a racist attack.  He most likely travelled to New York City to ensure the attack would make national news.

Timothy was 66 when Jackson murdered him.  Jackson was not ashamed of what he did.  He turned himself in and told the police everything they wanted to know.

James Harris Jackson Baltimore, Maryland Timothy Caughman
James Harris Jackson Baltimore, Maryland Timothy Caughman

James harbored feelings of hatred toward black men

Jackson told police that he hated black men for at least a decade.  This is not the time for racism.  President Donald Trump wants to build a wall, making it important for us to come together.  If there’s one thing positive about this situation it’s the fact that James is locked up.  We’re glad James didn’t get his hands on a gun and kill multiple people.

Oprah Winfrey Timothy Caughman
Oprah Winfrey Timothy Caughman

James took pictures with several celebrities

The image above shows James with Oprah Winfrey.  James’ friends say he took pictures with numerous celebrities.  In the words of the late, great Michael Jackson: “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.”


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