Guest Star On Empire Tonight

Rumer Willis was the guest star on Empire tonight.  She plays Tory Ash on the Fox series.  The video at the end of this article shows Tory and Jamal deliver a powerful duet.  She is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.  She was born on August 16, 1988 in Paducah, KY.  You may remember her from Dancing with the Stars.  Rumer was the winner of season 20.  She also managed to win Jamal Lyon’s heart in rehab.


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Cookie and crew visit Jamal in rehab and we find out that he’s not allowed to work on music.  Tory and Jamal love music too much to let rehab keep them away.  They sneak away to a studio where they’re able to record a song.  Listen to the duet in the video at the end of this article.

Guest Star On Empire Tonight - Rumer Willis
Guest Star On Empire Tonight – Rumer Willis

The guest star on the season 3 premiere of Empire was Sierra McClain of the McClain sisters.  She played Nessa.

McClain Sister On Empire
McClain Sister On Empire

Her manager, Shine Johnson, was played by Xzibit:

Shine On Empire
Shine On Empire

Season 2

Tobias Truvillion is the guest star on the show tonight.

Tobias Truvillion
Tobias Truvillion
The guest star on Empire tonight was Cat Washington.  Washington played Stacee Run-Run.  The second Empire fans saw her many of them took to Twitter in order to express their feelings about the actress.  Most Empire fans compared Cat Washington to Nicki Minaj.


Cookie Lyon does not want Jamal working with Freda Gatz because she found out about her father being Frank Gathers.  After Stacee Run Run doesn’t show up to record the song with Jamal, the singer opts to invite Freda Gatz back on the track but Freda isn’t too excited to do so.
Guest Star On Empire Tonight
Guest Star On Empire Tonight

In additional Empire news, Andre seems to be working with Lucious.  After Andre and Lucious visit Lucious’ mother’s grave, the two team up in order to ensure that Hakeem’s shareholder’s meeting is a disaster.

Jamal knows his mother far too well and ends up calling Cookie out regarding his song.  Jamal explains to Cookie that they are usually on the same page when it comes to music yet this song has been different.

Jamal won’t allow Cookie to continue to act in an abnormal manner without calling her out.  Will this lead to beef between Freda and the Lyon family? Will Hakeem ever be able to forgive Lucious?


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