Basketball Wives Cast 2017

Do you love Basketball Wives? The show is rumored to come back this summer, 2017. The last season aired back in October of 2016 and everyone who watches the show has been having some serious withdrawals ever since.

According to reports, there will be new wives appearing on the show this summer. Here are the Basketball Wives cast of 2017!

Jackie Christy

Jackie Christy is the wife of retired Los Angeles basketball player, Doug Christy. She is famous for her meltdowns and outlandish antics. This season coming up, you can expect to see her crave the other wives’ attention and have epic mood swings. Watch the new season of Basketball Wives to find out what Jackie will get into!

Shaunie O’Neal

You know Shaunie, right? She is the famous ex-wife of one of the most famous basketball players in the entire world, Shaq! She is an amazing woman who is facing life head on while becoming a successful entrepreneur as well as raising five children. She works hard to keep a healthy balance between running her business, raising her children, and spending time with her boyfriend, Marlon.
Shaunie is beefing with Brandi and Brandi will not feel welcomed among the wives until the beefing is squashed completely. Can we expect the feud to continue or will the fight be over for good during the next season of Basketball Wives this summer?

Tami Roman

Tami Roman is veteran ex-wife of Kenny Anderson. She is living in LA currently but is originally from Houston. She moved to LA from Houston with current boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood. The couple wants a baby together, however, Tami has been through three miscarriages already and because of this, it is putting a strain on their relationship. Although this may be true right now, they are visiting the best fertility specialists while in LA. Will Tami finally get pregnant by Reggie or will the fight to conceive continue?

Malayshia Pargo

Malayshia Pargo is now at peace with her life after going through a divorce with Charlotte basketball player, Jannero Pargo. You might remember last season when she formed a friendship with Jackie and keeps loyal to her although Jackie has so many emotional mood swings.

Brandi Maxiell

Brandi Maxiell is continuing to struggle with her relationship with basketball player, Jason Maxiell. Last season, the couple took a break and Brandi hoped it would keep Jason from being so promiscuous. However, after months of no change from Jason, she has separated from him for a while again. Although Jason’s attempts to win Brandi back are successful, she is still fighting to find the independence she needs, wants, and deserves to have for herself.

Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks is ex-girlfriend and baby mama of New Orleans basketball player, Tyreke Evans. She enters the new season with her best friend, Angel Love. Angel Brinks tries to balance being a single mother of two while running her own business, a clothing line.

Angel Love

Angel Love is the girlfriend and baby mama of Washington basketball player, Dejaun Blair. Love comes to the new season with besty Angel Brinks. While her relationship with Blair is on the rocks, she is looking for some fun with the other Basketball Wives.

LaTosha Duffey

Latosha Duffey, also known and best known as just plain Duffey, is longtime friends with Brandi and they refer to each other as sisters. Not only is Duffey a successful club DJ but she is also engaged to basketball agent, Iman Shokouhizadeh. She has moved to LA to improve her DJ career and make a much bigger name for herself in the club DJ world.

What do you think about the upcoming season of Basketball Wives? Sound off with your thoughts on the new season and let us know what you think about these cast members.

Stay tuned for Basketball Wives this summer on VH1

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