Who is Giggs? Drake, KMT

Who is Giggs? Drake, KMT

Giggs’ real name is Nathaniel Thompson, or also known as Holloman and was born and raised in the UK on May 11, 1983. He is 33-years-old. If you have heard Drake’s new album then you have heard Giggs since he is featured on the song, KMT.

Giggs ended up on the top of the charts in the UK, before coming over to the US and making it to the top of the charts over here. He was signed to XL Recordings in 2009 and boomed from there. He is mostly known for his creative wordplay and catchphrases he often uses in his rap songs.
While growing up in Peckham, London, he was part of the Peckham Boys gang. He was also part of the rap group, Spare No 1 and is actually the leader of the group. He plays in the group with Gunna Dee, Joe Grind, Spender, Young Giggs, Kyze, and Tiny Boost.

Giggs dropped out of school at the age of 16. He is known as Giggs because he was nicknamed Giggler because of the way he laughed at the most unexpected things and times. However, later on, his nickname was shortened to Giggs.

You can hear Giggs in the song he sings with Drake, KMT. 

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