James King, Paducah, KY – 4 Facts

James King from Paducah, KY appeared on My 600-lb Life.  The TLC reality series follows participants who are going weight loss surgery.  Obesity is a serious issue in the United States.  Obesity is defined as an excess amount of body fat.  Overweight means an excess amount of body weight from water, bone, fat or muscles.  Here are 10 facts about James from My 600-lb Life:


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1. James Is In Constant Pain Everyday

James says that just being alive is the greatest burden in his life.  He’s in constant pain from the moment he opens his eyes each morning.  Despite his circumstances, he thanks God that he is still alive.  James explains that he’s not living his life to the fullest because he’s trapped in his bed all day.

James King Paducah KY
James King Paducah KY

2. James Has Been Bedridden For 3 Years

King explains that he has never been to jail but he feels like he’s locked up.  He can no longer move his legs and says they feel like they are starting to rot.  He was once very active and he wants to start moving again.  In one of the saddest parts of the episode, James’ girlfriend and daughter have to clean him up after he uses the bathroom on himself.

3. A Go Fund Me Fundraiser Was Created To Help James Walk Again

In 2015, Courtney Park of Paducah, KY created a Go Fund Me fundraiser to help King walk again.  She explains that she has known James for over 20 years.  Her mother has taken care of James for about 10 years.  Courtney explains that James used to be fun to be around.  He’s now depressed about being stuck in bed.

James had a tumor removed from his leg.  Sadly, it grew back.  He broke his hospital bed and is still hoping for surgery.

4. James’ Friends Bathe Him

James’ girlfriend, Lisa, helps him do everything.  She’s his full time caretaker but bathing him is too much for her.  King’s friends come over his house to help bathe him.  James says he feels like a burden because his friends have to cater to him.  James doesn’t have a choice because he has to stay clean.
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