When Does Star Come Back On Fox?

Star returns in December 2017.  The first season was a success.  Lee Daniels has another one.  The Empire, Star comparisons are finally calming down.  This post features many of the reasons the series was renewed.  Episode 12, “Showtime” featured Star’s fierce side.  The talented singer had to beat up her abusive boyfriend, Hunter Morgan.


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Star went to Hunter’s house and when she got there she let him know that she wasn’t playing any games.  Star’s threats didn’t work.  He beat her up again and locked her in a closet.  Luckily, Simone saved Star.  Simone held Hunter’s arm down while Star broke it.  He won’t be playing any football anytime soon!

Big Boi decided not to sign the group but the ladies didn’t let that shatter their dreams.  They delivered an amazing performance of “Ain’t About What You Got” and they won the Atlanta Next Fest.  Keep reading for some of the reasons we love the Star TV show!

When Does Star Come Back On?
When Does Star Come Back On?

Star, Simone And Alex

The trio gives us life.  “Big Trouble” is now being managed by Carlotta (Queen Latifah).  The girls have been through it all and each bring something unique to the table.

Star is a die hard boss chick.  Hunter’s negativity almost ruined her but she fought back.  That’s why we adore her.  Hunter dies in the season finale.  He is having sex with Eva and someone comes and shoots them both to death.  

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Like Star, Simone is a boss.  She has been through numerous ups and downs throughout her life.  Otis, her foster father, not only abused her, he tried to get her back after she left.  Luckily, Otis ended up dead.  Simone can now focus on her music.  The finale proved that she’s one of the most talented members of the group.

Alex was the mastermind behind the operation.  She is from the suburbs but don’t let that fool you.  Alex proved that she’s willing to go above and beyond for the group.  The road to fame should be easier considering her father’s fame but then the storyline would be boring.

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Alex And Derek Are Expecting A Baby

Alex and Derek are #RelationshipGoals! He has been in the hospital and Alex loves being by his side.  Alex was thinking about having an abortion but changed her mind.  Star and Simone have plans to braid the baby’s hair like Derek’s! We’re hoping that Derek will be able to walk again but we know Alex will be by his side either way.

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Star, Simone and Alex will be touring the world soon.  Their busy schedule will most likely cause friction in Alex and Derek’s relationship.  Alex is used to maintaining a busy schedule with her father being Roland Crane.  On the contrary, Derek will have to learn how to adapt to Alex’s fame.

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What did you think about the first season of Star? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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