Tinashe Grabs A Handful Of Travis Scott For GQ

LA singer Tinashe has been everywhere in the social media world. Due to the arrival of her new single called “Flame,” which will arrive on March 16th. Appearing in British GQ Style with rapper Travis Scott, Tinashe grabbed his crouch as she posed for the photoshoot. The spread named Tinashe “Hip Hop’s New Creative Chameleon” and named Scott “Music’s New Fashion King.”

Inside the issue, the two artists discuss upcoming projects but the real attention is because of the sultry photo spread. Shot by Terry Richardson, Tinashe casually grabs Scott’s crouch while looking at the camera seductively but still playing it off as it was nothing.

Tinashe upcoming single “Flame” will finally become the first taste of her long-awaited album “Joyride. Releasing a teaser for the song, she sings over an eerie beat, “Cold in the night when I hold you close.” 

“It’s an evolution, but it’s continuing to get more exciting, more relevant, and just better. I hope everyone is patient with me, but when it does drop, it’s going to be fucking worth it,” she said.

Travis also states that he has new material coming up: “The next record is called AstroWorld. It might be the best music that I made,” he said. “I have two records on the album that are like, man, they are the best.”

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